The Interracial Situation

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In this document, Howard Kester writes about the tenuous state of race relations in the United States, and attributes this tension to the condition of the economy. Because of the Great Depression, unemployment rose drastically, and African Americans were affected more than anyone else. Kester writes that Communism had permeated the mindset of African Americans in the South, and that the white people of the South had to be generous in order to maintain peace. Kester’s religion motivates him to place a premium on this peace, and he entreaties his readers to maintain peace by sympathizing with African-American people. He calls for an interracial meeting in Alabama, followed by an interracial meeting for the entire south in Tennessee, and expresses the belief that the United States needs these meetings to prevent civil war. 

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Document Description: three-page photocopy of article; located in PLT Archive folder “Howard Kester: The Interracial Situation 1932”; Notations: hand written numbers, “139” in top left corner.

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