A Review of Black Monday

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In this flyer, a speech that Judge Tom P. Brady of Brookhaven, Mississippi gave to the Indiana Citizens’ Council is described. The title of the flyer indicates that the speech was a response to the Supreme Court Decision of Brown v. Board of Education, declared on a Monday May 17,1954, a date therefrom referred to by anti-integrationists as as "Black Monday". Brady points to specific moments in history from ancient times, to the period of the Civil War, as proof of the natural order of subordination of African Americans to whites. He goes on to discuss what he sees as the nation’s infringement on states’ rights, and campaigns against national laws that undermine the way that the people in Mississippi wish to treat African-American people. He aruges that anti-civil rights activists need to take action against civil rights laws and against an empowered African-American people. 

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Document Description: fifteen-page type-written, folded page flyer; located in PLT Archive folder “’A Review of Black Monday’: Judge Tom P. Brady”.

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