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Ed King White Church (Part Four); Section V-B, "Comments from White Church" (Untitled Document)
Joe Collier No Negroes in Their Churches
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1963 Unknown Notes on the Church Visits Campaign of Protest(Untitled Document)
1963 Unknown Church Visits Campaign of Protest List of Arrests and Participants (Untitled Document)
1963 Unknown Mail List: Ministers Who Have Come
Robert E. Willoughby
John Marvin
Tells How Pastors Were Arrested in Jackson, Miss.
1963 Unknown Dayton Clergy Rally to Aid of Negro Family
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1964 Unknown 3 Women Challenge House Seating: Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer, Mrs. Annie Devine, Mrs. Victoria Gray
1964 Unknown Challenge Gains Northern Support
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1964 David Wiley Context for Tragedy
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1968 Unknown Riot Toll Mounting
1968 Unknown Untitled Magazine Article - Fannie Lou Hamer's Speech in Cincinnati, Ohio
1989 Thomas E. Frank Norman Vincent Peale
Charles Marsh
Ed King
Ed King Interview, Philadelphia, MS, 8/24/1994