Jackson Daily News

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1952 Unknown Jackson As It Is At This Time
1963 Unknown Negro Girls Turned Away From Church
1963 W. C. Shoemaker Negroes Make Little Headway With Campaign
1963 Unknown Pastor's Case is Continued
1963 Unknown A Visiting Newsman's Guide
1963 Unknown Atlanta Baptists Invite Negroes
1963 John Perkins Bunche Criticizes Powell in Address at Tougaloo
1963 Unknown 24-Hour Watch Posted at Steel City Churches: Seeking to Minimize Dangers of Bombing
1963 Unknown Raymond Methodists Back Layman Stand
1963 Unknown Two Arrested After Refusing to Leave Church
1964 Unknown On Tour Again: Methodists Lashed by Myers Lowman
1964 Unknown National Council of Churches Unveils Summer Agitation Plans
1964 Kelso Sturgeon 'Freedom Party' Makes Plans for Challenge at Convention
1964 Unknown Judges Weigh Kneel-In Case From Jackson
1964 Bill Copenbarger Negro Leader Testifies: Move to Get Bi-Racial Committee Unsuccessful
1965 Holmes Alexander Shriver Attempts to Block Misuses
1965 The Associated Press OEO Admits Misuse Of Mt. Beulah Funds
1965 John Perkins Methodist Bishop Declares Churches Can't Bar Negroes
1965 John Perkins Methodists Close Eventful Sessions
1965 W. C. Shoemaker 'Freedom' Project Opens at Edwards
1965 Unknown King and Reuther Backed Mt. Beulah In Original Move to Obtain Fed Funds
1965 Unknown Mt. Beulah Funds Donated to SNCC
1965 Unknown Irregularities Found in Head Start Records: Misuse of Funds May Total $300,000
1966 Galloway Votes Open Door Policy
1980 Gary McElroy Church Preaches Gospel of Race