An Oral History With Will D. Campbell

Will D. Campbell (interviewee)
Orley B. Caudill (interviewer)
Tue, 06/08/1976
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In this interview, Will Campbell tells his life story, beginning with him growing up on a farm in Amite County, Mississippi, and eventually becoming a prominent leader in the National Council of Churches. He was ordained as a minister at the age of seventeen, but before he became a minister, he spent time in the Army, where he developed a new understanding of race and color. After the war, Campbell furthered his education, and then became a pastor in Taylor, Louisiana. Campbell became known as an active integrationist and leader in the Civil Rights Movement, but he explains that he his primary focus was on practicing and ministering Christianity above integration or civil rights. Campbell worked in the National Council of Churches, and then went on to work with the Committee of Southern Churchmen.

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