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E. Al Minter
Gerry Graves
K.G. Gregory
Jane Goodman
Readers' Views on Byron De La Beckwith Trial
1994 Yolanda Butler Author Scours Logs for Glimpse at Slavery
1994 Beverly Pettigrew Kraft Jury Selection Complete in Beckwith trial
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1994 Mitchell Landsberg Beckwith Didn't Testify at Own Trial
1994 Charles Marsh In Search of Sam Bowers
1994 Ed King Ed King: Notes--11/14/94: Separate But Equal Elections
1994 Cartessia N. Hibbler Hub Native Serves as Howard U. President
1994 Joe Atkins A Conviction of Beckwith Won't Make Mississippi Look Any Better
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1994 Danny McKenzie Beckwith Conviction Has Changed Views About Mississippi
1994 unknown Jackson Clarion-Ledger May 29, 1994 Issue
1994 Lucius Lampton McKenzie and Paper 'Keep World Safe for Hypocrisy'
Jimmie Briggs
Bob Moses
Doug Mindell
Dialogue with Bob Moses: Architect of the 1964 Freedom Summer
1994 Unknown Beckwith Verdict: It's Never Too Late to Find Justice
1994 Jonathan Tilove Graduate Program At Ole Miss Painting a Picture of a New South
1994 Dan Even Retired UM History Professor David Sansing Examines Evers Case
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1994 John R. Salter, Jr. John R. Salter, Jr. to Charles R. Fulbruge III