Untitled Magazine Article - Fannie Lou Hamer's Speech in Cincinnati, Ohio

Magazine Article
1968 - 1969
Unknown (author)
Mon, 12/23/1968
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This article is the beginning of a recorded speech by prominent civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer in Cincinnati, Ohio. Having grown up in an impoverished sharecropping family in Mississippi, Hamer understood the experiences of economically and socially disenfranchised African American Mississippians in the rural South.  With an abiding faith in God, Hamer led the civil rights movement and helped found the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP).  For her work in the Civil Rights Movement, Hamer endured numerous beatings and unjust prison sentences.  

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Document Description: one-page photocopy of article; located in PLT Archive folder "Fannie Lou Hamer Articles"; The publication date and Newspaper connected with the article (noted above) were written in pencil on the document or on a photocopy of the article.

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