Mississippi Hopes Center in Sunflower

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The author discusses the important role an upcoming special election in Sunflower, Mississippi could play in directing the attention of African Americans to their own local elections across Mississippi. The election had been ordered by a judge after a successful lawsuit by civil rights activists overturned the last election for excluding African Americans from voting. While Sunflower City had a slim majority of African American voters, the economic and educational background of these voters remained problematic. To counter this, the Delta Ministry and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP) were holding workshops to educate local African Americans about the political process and municipal government. At the same time, local whites were both reaching out to and threatening African Americans in an effort to influence their votes. The author also supplied information regarding how one could donate to help the cause of the Sunflower Movement.

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Document Description: two-page photocopy of article; date determined based on external research; located in PLT Archive folder "Fannie Lou Hamer Articles".

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