Mississippi Delta Ministry (a division of the National Council of Churches).

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Erle Johnston, director of the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission, sent this report about the Delta Ministry to Bryant George in response to a request made by the Mississippi Delta Commission in February of 1966. The report contained information regarding the Delta Ministry's activities, most of which Johnston seemed to consider politically subsersive and destructive to society. Johnston's report included several alphabetically-ordered "exhibits" of the ministry's actions, largely composed of newspaper articles. He gave overviews of each exhibit and described how they expose the dark underbelly of the Delta Ministry. For instance, Johnston noted that in Exhibit A, "the implications of anarchy and defiance of the Federal government are very clear." Johnston concluded that while Mississippi had its share of economic and civil rights related problems, state government and local agencies were dealing with them responsibly and fairly, while the Delta Ministry was an organization of radicalized, communist outsiders more concerned with self-promotion and demagoguery than justice. Portions of various exhibits under the titles Exhibits A, C, and F are available elsewhere in the Archive.

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Document Description:  15 page photocopy of document; located in PLT Archive folder "Delta Ministry (Div. of Nat'l Council of Churches) pro, anti-literature".

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