King and Reuther Backed Mt. Beulah In Original Move to Obtain Fed Funds

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Thu, 09/30/1965
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The author reports that the September, 1965 bulletin of the Citizens Crusade Against Poverty disclosed that the organization had provided money to fund the start of the Child Development Group of Mississippi, and notes that United Auto Workers union president Walter Reuther and civil rights leader Martin Luther King were prominent members of that organization. The author also recounted the recent accusations of financial impropriety against the Child Development Group and the Mt. Beulah Head Start organization, particularly the use of federal funds to pay bail for jailed civil rights activists. Also noted are organizations affiliated with Citizens Crusade Against Poverty, including labor unions and civil rights groups.

The author reports that Senator John Stennis investigated the financial records of the Head Start Program in Edwards, Mississippi after he accused the organization of funneling some of its federal funds into bailing out civil rights activists. The Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) conceded that some federal funds had indeed been used by the organization's Mount Beulah Center for the civil rights demonstrators. The Head Start Program was financed by Citizens Crusade Against Poverty, a group led by Martin Luther King and United Auto Workers president Walter Reuther.

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Document Description: one-page photocopy of two newspaper articles; source determined based on hand-written notation of "JD" at top of article; located in PLT Archive Folder "Delta Ministry (Div. of Nat'l Churches) pro, anti-literature"; part of "Exhibit C- Questionable morals at Southern Christian Institute near Edwards, Mississippi (Mt. Beulah)" (1C/S03.14).

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