Spencer Perkins's Unpublished Autobiography Chapter: "Freedom of Choice"

1990 - 1994
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Spencer Perkins, the son of civil rights leader John Perkins, writes about his experience being part of the only African-American family to attend an otherwise entirely white school in Mendenhall, Mississippi. The Freedom of Choice policy in Mississippi had disbanded the separate but equal doctrine by making the integration of African-American students and white students at schools legal. Perkins's family was the only family in Mendenhall that took advantage of this new law, and his experience was filled with other students’ malice, and teachers’ lack of sympathy. Martin Luther King Jr. served as a role model for non-violence, and he felt encouraged by King’s nonviolent response to the students’ acts of violence and cruelty. Perkins also includes reflections on how students responded to King's death.

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Document Description: seven-page typewritten document; located in PLT Archive folder "Perkins, Spencer 'Fredom of Choice'"; part of unpublished book containing chapters 3SP01.013SP02.013SP04.01 and 3SP09.01; The publication years noted in this doc entry reflect that this document is a chapter from an unpublished book writen by Spencer Perkins in the eight years before his death in 1998.

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