1964 -- The Crest of the Civil Rights Movement: Freedom Summer Successes and Fallout

During the experiment known as "Freedom Summer", white volunteers and black activists lived and organized side-by-side in segregated and impoverished communities in order to increase voter registration and call national attention to the realities of the Jim Crow South. At the Democratic Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey in August, many activists' ideals were shattered when the political pragmatism of President Lyndon B. Johnson's administration crushed the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party's (MFDP) vision of participatory democracy. Nevertheless, this led to the start of integration in the Democratic State Party.

  • SNCC, CORE and NAACP work together on the "Mississippi Summer Project", which later became know as "Freedom Summer".
  • On June 21st, at the beginning of Freedom Summer, civil rights workers Andy Goodman, James Chaney and Michael Schwerner were murdered by the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) during their investigation of the June 16th Mt. Zion United Methodist Church burning.
  • Sam Bowers was elected as Imperial Wizard of the White Knights of the Klu Klux Klan in Mississippi.
  • President Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act on July 2nd.
  • August 24 - 27 1964, MFDP goes to the Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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"We cannot sit around and talk about the beloved community." Cleveland Sellers
"I believe strictly in Christianity and those things have kept us going all these years praying for hope, that now we began to see this as a reality. And I don't think our prayer was in vain." Fannie Lou Hamer
"They were beginning to burn churches. They were beginning to move beyond crosses… They burned churches because they understood that the Christian faith was what inspired the movement and kept it going." Ed King
"There was no miracle that night…" Ed King
"...I fell on my knees and started praying to God that he would spare my husband, spare his life..." Roosevelt and Beatrice Cole
"…if you had an alteration with a white person who was trailing you or whatever or giving you the finger; he's not gonna do anything right then; he's gonna go home and organize and then come get you." Cleveland Sellers
"...I think many of us that got caught up in the Civil Rights Movement saw it as participating, saw it as an extension of our religious faith, saw it as part of our religious conviction, part of our very being." John Lewis
"Now, [the Mississippi Council on Human Relations] was revived in Oxford in '62... it was simply an organization that sponsored meetings, open forums to talk about issues. " Duncan Gray
"...they turned to cynicism and despair and turned to militancy... None of us realized how strong the evil was that we fought, and how much a part of American power it was, and so were not able to grapple [with] it..." Ed King

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Unknown Economic and Training Needs Mississippi Delta
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1963 Various Sermons at Broadmeadow Methodist Church, Capitol Street Methodist Church, etc.
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Reader's Responses
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Myrtle Lane
Marjory Collins
Goin' to Jail
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Elsa Kruuse
Poverty In the South
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Marjory Collins
What is the Movement?
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Myrtle Lane
Marjory Collins
The Christian Spirit in Hattiesburg
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1964 Pauline Sellers Letter from Mother to C.L. (11/12/1964) (Untitled Document)
1964 Unknown Court Turns Down Request
Jack Minnis
Fannie Lou Hamer
Transcript of Interview by Jack Minnis with Fannie Lou Hamer
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Fannie Lou Hamer
Fannie Lou Hamer Interview Conducted by Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) Worker - 1964
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Myrtle Lane
Marjory Collins
The King is Coming!
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Ed King
David Dennis
Eulogies for James Chaney - August 7, 1964
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A. Jeffrey Hopper
Paul M. Minus Jr.
Everett Tilson
A Statement Prepared by Van Bogard Dunn, A. Jeffrey Hopper, Paul M. Minus Jr., and Everett Tilson
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Spencer Perkins Interview
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Bob Zellner
Interview with Bob Zellner, 3/29/1995
Charles Marsh
Cleveland Sellers
Cleveland Sellers Interview, Denmark, South Carolina, 7/29/1995
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Charles Marsh
Cleveland Sellers Interview, Denmark, South Carolina, 8/5/1995
Charles Marsh
Victoria Gray Adams
Victoria Gray Adams Interview, 4/6/1995
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Plater Robinson
Bob Zellner With Plater Robinson
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1997 Paul Gaston "Sitting In" in the 'Sixties: A Historian's Memoir
1997 Will Campbell Elvis Presley as Redneck
1997 Jerry Mitchell Notes Threaten to Shed Light on Activists' Deaths: Friend of Sam Bowers Claims Book Names "Real" Killers of Civil Rights Leaders
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2000 Jerry Mitchell Stringer Recalls "Elimination" Plan
2000 Staff Writer State Considers Pursuing Murder Charges in Case
Charles Marsh
Fred Gray
Fred Gray Interview
Charles Marsh
Victoria Gray Adams, Bob Moses
Victoria Gray Adams and Bob Moses, Conference on Lived Theology
Charles Marsh
John Perkins
John M. Perkins in Conversation with Charles Marsh: Let Justice Roll Down
2012 Paul Gaston Government by Demonstration: Righting Virginia's Wrongs