Faith Influencing Action: Testimonials and Theological Perspectives

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1963 Unknown Four Yale University Divinity School Students Describe...A Week in Mississippi
1963 Ed King Telegram from Central Methodist Church of Detroit to Reverend James Nixon
1963 Unknown Mail List: Ministers Who Have Come
1963 Unknown Negro Leaders Pause to Reconsider
1963 Unknown They Went to Church--So 2 Chicago Co-eds Get Year in Dixie Jail
1963 Unknown Raymond Methodist Board Urges Respect of Custom
1963 Unknown No Negro Pews & Empty Pulpit
1963 Unknown Proposes Churches Be Ready
1963 Various The Interchurch News, November 1963
1963 Jean Fairfax Letter from Jean Fairfax to Ed King (06/21/1963)
1963 Unknown Mrs. Medgar Evers Speaks to Cheering Tougalooans
John F. Baggett
Philip M. Dripps
Christian Unity, the Methodist Church, and Jackson
1963 Unknown Atlanta Baptists Invite Negroes
1963 Unknown Church Visits Assessment (Untitled Document)
1963 Eli Hochstedler Report on Events of October 27, 1963 (Untitled Document)
1963 Walter G. Muelder Letter from Walter G. Muelder to Ed King (07/10/1963)
Hoover Rupert
John Marvin
The Youthful Accent: "Churkendoose"
1963 Nicholas Von Hoffman Methodist-EUB Merger Plan Imperiled by Racial Strife
1963 Eli Hochstedler Letters to the Editor: GC Transfer Joins Civil Rights Move
1963 Unknown Pastors, 2 Co-eds Get Bail in Dixie
1963 Nicholas Von Hoffman Church Integration Effort in Mississippi: Pro and Con
1963 Unknown Raymond Methodists Back Layman Stand
1963 Unknown Jackson Churches Refuse 17 Negroes
1963 Unknown Statement By Ministers
1963 Unknown Dayton Clergy Rally to Aid of Negro Family
1963 Unknown Student Interracial Ministry Church Agreement
1963 Nonviolent Agitation Association of College Pupils The Voice of the Movement November 1963 Issue
1963 Donald E. Hall Statement of Arrest at St. Luke's Methodist Church, Jackson, Mississippi
John F. Baggett
Philip M. Dripps
Christian Unity, The Methodist Church and Jackson, Mississippi
Marvin A. Franklin
Ed King
151st Session Mississippi Annual Conference: Galloway Memorial Methodist Church