Faith Influencing Action: Testimonials and Theological Perspectives

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1963 Wilbur Whanger Telegram from Wilbur Whanger to Ed King
1963 Denies Right to go to Church
1963 Bill Livant Letter from Bill Livant to Ed King (12/21/1963)
1963 Ed King Statement by the Rev. R. Edwin King, Chaplain of Tougaloo Southern Christian College
1963 Unknown Diary Entry by Student on the Church Visits Campaign of Protest (Untitled Document)
1963 Unknown News of the World: Minister Arrested in Prayer Demonstration
1963 Unknown Note Regarding Trespassing Ticket from Lay Officer of a Church
1963 Unknown Local Clerics Voice Regret Over Bombing
1963 Unknown The Student Voice November 1963 Issue
1963 Council of Bishops of the Methodist Church A Statement by the Council of Bishops
1963 Unknown Pastor Calls Mississippi Rights Arrests Blasphemy
1963 Central Jurisdiction Study Committee (Committee of Five) Central Jurisdiction Speaks
1963 W.E. Lampton Letter from W.E. Lampton to Ed King (06/01/1963)
Julia Jacobs
Foster Stockwell
Report of ICM Activities (II)- Selected From the Minutes of Membership and Steering Committee Meetings
1963 Unknown Congress' Fateful Decision
1963 George Gordh A Letter to Amaziah
1963 David J. Twigg Letter from David J. Twigg to Friends in Christ (11/15/1963)
1963 Unknown Church Visits Campaign of Protest List of Arrests and Participants (Untitled Document)
1963 Unknown Ministers Are Urging Race-Communications
1963 Unknown Jackson Court Test Resumed; Kneelers Fail
1963 Unknown White Minister Held in Jackson
Elmer E. Dickson
Joseph A. Buckles
Donald E. Walden
Gerald E. Forshey
"Help" From Joe, Don, Jerry and Elmer to the Methodist Ministers of Chicago
1963 Kenneth I. Brown Letter from Kenneth I. Brown to Ed King (06/15/1963)
1963 C. Herbert Oliver Dollars and Sense
1963 Eugene Peacock How Shall We Work Together to Achieve the Goals?
1963 Unknown Pastor's Case is Continued
1963 Pharis J. Harvey Ecumenical Volunteer Service Project Leaders' Report
1963 Gerald E. Forshey Gerald Forshey to Bishop Brashares
1963 J.B. Cain Letter from J.B. Cain to Ed King (07/26/1963)
1963 Unknown Pastors, 2 Co-eds Get Bail in Dixie