Faith Influencing Action: Testimonials and Theological Perspectives

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1956 Willa Christianson Letter from Willa Christianson to Clarence Jordan (12/09/1956)
1956 Unknown Sad Day for Methodism
Claud Nelson
Billie Nelson
Letter from Claud and Billie Nelson to Bruderhof generally (02/08/1956)
1956 Herbert Ravenel Sass From the Congressional Record 1956: Mixed Schools and Mixed Blood
1956 Herbert Ravenel Sass Section Four: On Defending Racial Differences Until the Whole American People Recognizes the South as the Defender of Something Permanently Important(Untitled Document)
1957 Unknown Boycott Menaces Integrated Farm
1957 Nina Cunningham Race Relations and the Church
1957 Ed King The Importance of Apostolic Succession in the Methodist Church (Untitled Article)
1957 Sue Cater There Was Fun Too
Norman Cousins
Nelle Coulter
The Making of Tomorrow
1958 P. E. Russell God's People in Bondage
1958 W. B. Selah The Climate of Freedom: A Sermon by Dr. W. B. Selah March 23, 1958
1958 Unknown Jackson Bishop Gets New Honor, Named President-Designate Of Worldwide Bishop Council
1959 Ralph McGill The Agony of the Southern Minister
1960 Unknown Letter from Jane Stembridge to H.H. Sissel (07/22/1960)
1960 Herbert Gezork The Status Quo and Dynamic Peacemaking
1960 Elroy Embry Letter from Elroy Embry to Ed King
Alfred Hassler
William Robert Miller
Fellowship: Peace Information Edition, Vanderbilt Nine to Return
Alfred Hassler
William Robert Miller
Fellowship: Magazine of the Fellowship of Reconciliation July 1960 Issue
Alfred Hassler
William Robert Miller
Fellowship: Peace Information Edition, Will A Remilitarized Japan be "Secure"?
1960 Unknown That Men May Live...In Peace Together
1960 Arthur Gillette Marching to London
Wilfred Wellock
Henry J. Cadbury
Frederick J. Libby
Gordon S. Fairchild
Irwin R. Hogenauer
Henry W. Ridgway
1960 Unknown Religion: Holding Them in Line
1960 George D. Younger "Success" and "Failure" in Inner-City Churches
1960 John J. McDavitt, Jr. Minister Chops Wood, Cuts Grass for City
1960 Unknown Pamphlet Reviews
1960 Bishop Watkins Methodism's Present Task: A Southern View
1960 Unknown Integrated Diners Appeal; Release Scheduled Today
Howard Schomer
Richard W. Reuter
William L. Neumann
John M. Swomley Jr.