Faith Influencing Action: Testimonials and Theological Perspectives

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Elmer E. Dickson
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"Help" From Joe, Don, Jerry and Elmer to the Methodist Ministers of Chicago
2005 Charles Marsh "In the Fields of the Lord: The God Movement in South Georgia"
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1970 John Egerton "Will Campbell," from A Mind to Stay Here
1965 W. C. Shoemaker 'Freedom' Project Opens at Edwards
1962 Herblock 'We Don't Want ANY Outside Interference'
1963 Unknown 12 Arrested at Churches Here Sunday
1963 Unknown 12 Arrested at Churches in Jackson
Marvin A. Franklin
Ed King
151st Session Mississippi Annual Conference: Galloway Memorial Methodist Church
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1963 Unknown 1963 Student Interracial Ministry
1963 Unknown 2 Area Co-Eds Freed on Bail in Mississippi
1972 Eleanor Blau 30-Year-Old Christian Commune in Georgia Thrives Under Adversity
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1963 Nicholas Von Hoffman 4 Pastors Arrested in Dixie
1963 Unknown 7 Chicagoans Arrested at Dixie Church
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