Jackson Bishop Gets New Honor, Named President-Designate Of Worldwide Bishop Council

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Thu, 10/21/2010
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The author reports the 1959 ascension of Bishop Marvin A. Franklin to president-designate of the Council of Bishops of the Methodist Church. With this title, Bishop Franklin became the most powerful religious figure in the Methodist Church. According to the author, the Jackson, Mississippi congregations under the jurisdiction of Bishop Franklin represented what were arguably the Methodist Church's most conservative constituency. Additionally, the author notes the concurrent ratification of a proposal to keep white church conferences autonomous over decisions of racial integration. This prolonged support for racial segregation kept white groups organized geographically, while African American groups remained clustered under Central jurisdiction.

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Document Description: one-page photocopy of article; located in the PLT Archive folder "Ed King Notes on Methodism"; The publication date of the article (noted above) was written on the original or on the photocopy of the article; Markings on the photocopy suggest that this article was acquired from "Ed King Collection" Box 1, Folder 24.

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