1954-1959 -- Sitting and Walking in Faith: The Christian Church as a Locus of Resistance

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J.H. O'Dell
Fannie Lou Hamer
Life in Mississippi: An Interview with Fannie Lou Hamer
1954 Unknown Methodist Leaders Fight Integration
1956 George W. Cornell Methodists Agree on Racial Policy
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1955 Unknown Minutes from the Intercollegiate Fellowship Meetings, December 1955 and January 1956
1996 Unknown Mississippi Bias Panel Spied on 87,000 People, Court Told
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1956 Unknown Morrow Critical of Ministers
1956 Unknown Musician Flogged Over Integration
1954 Unknown No Segregation Decision Today
1989 Thomas E. Frank Norman Vincent Peale
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1954 Unknown Resolution on Segregation is Slated at Meet
1956 Unknown Sad Day for Methodism
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1956 Herbert Ravenel Sass Section One: On the Current Purity of the White Race in the United States (Untitled Document)
1956 Herbert Ravenel Sass Section Three: On the Resulting Lack of Race Preference in Children Who Are Allowed to Attended Integrated Schools and the Negative Consequences of Mixed Mating (Untitled Document)
1956 Herbert Ravenel Sass Section Two: On How the South is Being Maligned Through Misuse of the Words Segregation and Prejudice (Untitled Document)
Leanne Marks She Cared Enough to Go to Jail
1955 Unknown Sworn Written Application for Registration
1955 State of Mississippi Sworn Written Application for Registration
1959 Ralph McGill The Agony of the Southern Minister
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Norman Cousins
Nelle Coulter
The Making of Tomorrow
Ed King The Silent Fifties: McCarthyism and Racism; White Resistance; Black Resistance
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1956 Unknown Untitled Newspaper Article - Rabbi Harry Halpern's Support of Integration