Clayton Sullivan

Rev. Clayton Sullivan

Clayton Sullivan is a minister, professor, and author from Mississippi. In a April 10, 1965 article in the Saturday Evening Post called “Speaking Out”, Sullivan, then a Southern Baptist minister in Tylertown, Mississippi, cautioned against immediate integration on the grounds that it would lead to cultural annihilation. There is “a difference," he wrote, "in manners and morals, which separates the majority of rural Negroes from the white people of the South.” As a white southerner Sullivan went on to propose an approach that included recognition of his statement, a concerted effort to move rural blacks to northern cities, where jobs were more prevalent, and thirdly, a cultural program teaching birth control, basic hygiene, and job skills to be launched for those blacks remaining in the South. In 2000, Sullivan retired from the University of Southern Mississippi after teaching there for over thirty years. He has since concentrated on his writing, publishing such books as Rescuing Jesus from the Christians and Why Beulah Shot Her Pistol inside the Baptist Church.

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"He dressed like a Philadelphia lawyer; he was a man of manners and suaveness."

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