Duncan Gray

Bishop Duncan Gray

Duncan Montgomery Gray, Jr. was born in Canton, Mississippi, on September 21, 1926. Gray was serving as an ordained priest at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Oxford, Mississippi, when the Meredith Riots broke out in 1962. He became active in the Civil Rights Movement;  he served as the President of the Mississippi Council on Human Relations from 1962-1965 and as a white priest worked closely with Amzie Moore, a leader in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NACCP).  Gray began serving as rector of St. Paul's Parish in Meridian, Mississippi in 1965 and in 1974 was elected as VII Bishop of Mississippi.

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"I have to confess it wasn't a crusading issue with me... In those days, the white liberal was the one who was deeply concerned about making sure blacks got a good education... he was deeply committed to... separate but equal school accommodations."
"In 1956, I was talking on the campus of Mississippi State University during a religious emphasis week... I said segregation is incompatible with Christian Gospel."
"Now, [the Mississippi Council on Human Relations] was revived in Oxford in '62... it was simply an organization that sponsored meetings, open forums to talk about issues. "

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