Foy Valentine

Dr. Foy Valentine

Foy Valentine was director of the Christian Life Commission and a board member of the American Baptist Seminary in Nashville, Tennessee, where “we were involved on every front in a thousand different ways trying to bring about change.” In this capacity, as a white leader in the Baptist church, Valentine urged fellow Baptists to confront their denomination's racist past and move toward integration. “The American Seminary provided a base for the leadership of the civil rights concerns and they had a sort of rallying place and an institutional base for much of the concerns that the black people, particularly the young people, were pressing for.” Valentine moved to Texas after retiring and continued to write prolifically on applied ethics. The author of several books, he also founded a Christian ethics center, now housed at Baylor, and Christian Ethics Today, a bimonthly magazine.

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"...I … was one of the white, I'd say, establishment leaders to affirm them and encourage them wherever I could."

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