Sad Day for Methodism

Newspaper Article
Unknown (author)
Sun, 03/25/1956
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The author notes that the March 15th issue of Christian Advocate, the journal of the Methodist Episcopal Church, contains numerous articles urging desegregation in Methodist churches. Murray F. Leiffer wrote the principle article in that issue of the journal, and reported that over half of the polled Methodists are in favor of removing racial barriers. The author expresses disbelief of Leiffer's statistics, and expresses disgust at photos in the issue showing whites and blacks interacting with social equality. The author notes that it was a sad day for Southern Methodism when it voted for union with Northern Methodism.

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Document Description: one-page photocopy of article; located in the PLT Archive folder "Ed King Notes on Methodism"; The publication date of the article (noted above) was written in pencil on the article or on the photocopy of the article; Notations: "5ollens [?], Sunday, May 2, Sat 4, D-i, C-L, 3-25-56, 56, JDN, JCC"; Markings on the photocopy suggest that this article was acquired from "Ed King Collection" Box 1, Folder 24.

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