Holly Springs Project--Letters from Cleveland Sellers to Jesse Morris and Jim Forman

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This document contains two letters from civil rights leader Cleveland Sellers to fellow activists Jesse Morris and Jim Forman. To Morris, Sellers writes that the Mississippi Summer Project in Holly Springs will be unable to function after December 3, 1964, although the group hopes to maintain the project through other means. In his letter to Forman, Sellers details the financial woes of the group and its reliance on food and clothing from the North. Sellers notes that requesting donations from the North, while crucial for the project’s survival, is prohibited in a memo from Betty Garman, a Northern civil rights activist and coordinator. Sellers says that, if he can obtain support from the Council of Federated Organizations (COFO) and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), he would like to reopen the initiative as a COFO project. In the meantime, Sellers elucidates the initiative’s intention to run as an autonomous local organization.

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Document Description: two-page photocopy of typewritten letters; located in PLT Archive folder "Sellers' Correspondence"; the year or range of years noted for the publication of this document was determined based on research of the mentioned persons and/or events, but is not indicated on the document itself.

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