Violence: Jim Crow South and the Anti-Civil Rights Movement

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Charles Marsh
John Perkins
John M. Perkins in Conversation with Charles Marsh: Let Justice Roll Down
2008 David Tisdale An Interview with Peggy Jean Connor: A Pioneer in Mississippi Civil Rights
2005 Charles Marsh "In the Fields of the Lord: The God Movement in South Georgia"
Peter Slade
Foy Valentine
Foy Valentine, Telephone Interview; 10/10/01
2000 Jerry Mitchell Stringer Recalls "Elimination" Plan
2000 Staff Writer State Considers Pursuing Murder Charges in Case
2000 Unknown Birmingham Post-Herald May 2000 Issue: Metro Section
2000 Staff and Press Reports Bombing Suspect Indicted
1999 Charles Marsh "Douglas Hudgins: Theologican of the Closed Society"
1998 Jerry Mitchell Authorities Discover Missing Dahmer Trial Transcript: State Law Allows Transcript Testimony to be Used in New Trials
1998 Unknown Laurel Leader-Call 1968 Article Call Sheet
1998 Jerry Mitchell Bowers Admitted Jury Tampering, Documents Show: Intimidation, Contact by Klan Used to Sway Jurors, FBI Notes Say
1998 Jerry Mitchell Dahmer's Files Turned Over to Authorities
1998 Jerry Mitchell Dahmer Witness Fears for Life: Billy Roy Pitts Still at Large; Officials Hope He'll Cooperate in Reopened Probe
1998 Jerry Mitchell Spy Records Sought in Dahmer's Death: Files Requested on 25 People in Killing of Civil Rights Activist
1998 Jerry Mitchell Warrant Issued 32 Years After Crime: Life Sentence Nets No State Time
1998 Jerry Mitchell Feds Say Miss. Freed Ex-Klansman: State Officials Did Not Comment on Conclusion of Billy Roy Pitts' Release
1998 Curtis Wilkie Ex-Member Casts Klan Activities as 'Benevolent' Testifies in Trial on 1966 Arson Killing
1998 Jerry Mitchell Pitts Saga Baffles Justice Experts: Expert 'Never Heard of' Convict Walking Away from a Life Sentence
1998 Jerry Mitchell Authorities Study Bowers Transcripts: '80s Interviews May Show Klansman's Role in Vernon Dahmer Death
1998 Curtis Wilkie Ex-Klansman Details Fiery 1966 Attack Civil Rights
1998 Jerry Mitchell Notes Link Former DA to Release of Pitts: Convicted Dahmer Killer Told to Steer Clear of Mississippi, Notes Claim
1998 Jerry Mitchell Dahmer Case Attracts International Media: News Outlets from Around World Show Interest in Possible Bowers Retrial
1998 Curtis Wilkie Klansman's Defense Accuses State of Leading 'A Persecution Mississippi Trial Revisits 1966 Case
1998 Jerry Mitchell Klansman's Interviews Subpoenaed in Dahmer Case: Tape Recordings of Sam Bowers Are in State Archives Library
1998 JMC Ledger J. Mitchell Pieces
1998 Jerry Mitchell Pitts Plans to Surrender Soon: In Tape left at Clarion-Ledger, Former Klansman Apologizes for Violence
1998 Unknown Laurel Leader-Call 1968 Article Call Sheet: April-July
1998 Jerry Mitchell Ex-Klansman Pitts Surrenders: Convicted in Killing of Vernon Dahmer, Pitts Has Not Served State Sentence
1997 Paul Gaston "Sitting In" in the 'Sixties: A Historian's Memoir