Untitled Delta Ministry Document

1964 - 1967
Unknown (author)
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This document is a call from "Negro leadership" in the Delta area to abandon the work of the Delta Ministry of the National Council of Churches (NCC). The author states that the Delta Ministry has not reached its stated objectives, has allied itself with radical forces, has promoted racial hatred, violence and agitation. Churches should be left in peace to preach the gospel and save souls, and if anyone wants to help the churches do this they should come with proper credentials or a license from a local church. African-Americans do not need outsiders to lead them into confusion and break the fellowship among them. The plantation and store owners are giving much more help than outsiders could give: jobs, housing, free water, lights, gas, gardens, credit, loans and medical assistance. The document ends with a request for the Delta Ministry to leave the area permanently.

Additional information 

Document Description: two-page photocopy of document; located in PLT Archive folder "Delta Ministry (Div. of Nat'l Council of Churches) pro, anti-literature"; The year noted in this doc entry is not mentioned in the document, the year or range of years for its publication was determined based on research of its content.

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