The Delta Ministry

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This document is a report of the vision and goals of the Delta Ministry and an appeal to the National Council of Churches (NCC) for support. The author details the moral responsibility of Christians to respond to poverty in the Delta area of Mississippi and describes the urgent need in light of the racial crisis. Additionally, he outlines the Delta Ministry's lines of development, which include direct relief, a ministry of reconciliation and human dignity, and community development. A National Council of Churches initiative, the Delta Ministry began its work of political and financial development for African Americans of the region in September of 1964.

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Document Description: four-page photocopied document; located in PLT Archive folder "Delta Ministry (Div. of Nat'l Council of Churches) pro, anti-literature"; The year noted in this doc entry is not mentioned in the document, the year or range of years for its publication was determined based on research of its content.

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