1954-1959 -- Sitting and Walking in Faith: The Christian Church as a Locus of Resistance

As the Civil Rights Movement begins to coalesce, pastors and church members begin to bring civil rights to national attention through mass meetings, bus boycotts and non-violent resistance to Jim Crow laws.

  • 1954  Brown vs. Board of Education rules that segregation in public schools violates the fourteenth amendment of the United States Constitution.
  • 1955  In violation of segregation laws, African-American Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat at the front of a public bus in Montgomery, Alabama, leading to the 1955-1956 Montgomery Bus Boycott led by Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • 1957  “Southern Leadership Conference on Transportation and Nonviolence” is formed at Atlanta’s Ebeneezer Baptist Church and Martin Luther King, Jr. is chosen as the Chairman.

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"If I was an exceptional human being in Detroit, then I saw no reason why I couldn't be an exceptional human being in Mississippi. In Hattiesburg. " Victoria Gray Adams
"I think what ended up getting our family involved in the civil rights movement was the way we looked at the scripture and the heavy emphasis on God's concern for the poor and on justice. " Spencer Perkins
"I believe God was in Christ, not will be, perhaps, maybe if we're good boys and girls, it's over, it's done, we are one people, race is a violation, nations are a violation…" Will D. Campbell
"...I tried to impress upon young people especially, that it is not by might... [not by] all that you know, but it is... by [the] willingness to listen to your peers and to your elders, and also by the grace of God that we have come a long way." Johnnie Rebecca Daniels Carr
"[Maintain] a calm and loving dignity [and do not] deliberately sit by a white person, unless there is no seat." Glenn Smiley
"[The Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission operated as] something akin to NKVD (the public and secret police in the Soviet Union during the reign of Joseph Stalin) among the cotton patches. " Wilson Minor
"I experienced the presence of the Divine as I had never experienced Him before... Almost at once my fears began to go... My uncertainty disappeared. I was ready to face anything." Martin Luther King
"In 1956, I was talking on the campus of Mississippi State University during a religious emphasis week... I said segregation is incompatible with Christian Gospel." Duncan Gray

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