Exhibit F - A File of Educational Documents Relating to Delta Ministry's Operation in Mississippi

1964 - 1966
Various (author)
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The document is a cover-sheet for a series of documents relating to Delta Ministry's operation in Mississippi. Presumably, this document and those which follow (1C/S03.28-1C/S03.33) were used in conjunction with Exhibit A (1C/S03.01) and Exhibit C (1C/S03.14) in an investigation concerning civil rights activism in Mississippi.The Delta Ministry, an initiative started in 1964 by the National Council of Churches, sought to improve the financial and political conditions of African Americans in Mississippi's Delta region.

Additional information 

Document Description: six pages of photocopied articles; located in PLT Archive folder "Delta Ministry (Div. of Nat'l Council of Churches) pro, anti-literature"; comprised of documents: 1C/S03.28, 1C/S03.29, 1C/S03.30, 1C/S03.31, 1C/S03.32, 1C/S03.33

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