Anti-Poverty Funds Slip Away in Salaries, Costs

Newspaper Article
Wed, 09/01/1965
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The authors write a tongue-in-cheek report that details Delaware Republican Senator John Williams’s findings surrounding the use of a federal grant. This grant was meant to set into motion an anti-poverty plan in Harlem, called the Harlem Youth Opportunities Unlimited, but Williams reports, instead, that the money was used on high salaries, high expense accounts, and other various frivolities. The authors emphasize that the grant was made up of taxpayer money. 

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Document Description: one-page photocopy of newspaper article; located in PLT Archive Folder "Delta Ministry (Div. of Nat'l Churches) pro, anti-literature"; part of "Exhibit C- Questionable morals at Southern Christian Institute near Edwards, Mississippi (Mt. Beulah)" (1C/S03.14); The publication date of the article (noted above) was written in pencil on the document or on a photocopy of the article.

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