Birmingham Funerals

Ed King (author)
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In this autobiographical piece, Ed King writes about the funerals following the Birmingham Church bombing in September 1963. King drove to Alabama from Mississippi with a group of SNCC staff, and documents a dicussion regarding the efficacy of nonviolence. Following the funeral, the crowd was moved to riot, but King silenced them to avoid more violence, sincere there were Birmingham police approaching the scene. King questioned this decision, wondering if it best served the Birmingham people. As King and the SNCC staff were leaving Birmingham, the group was pulled over by white police officers. They were eventually allowed to move on, after a white friend who was a photographer for Life Magazine threatened to cover the incident as soon as a camera crew, that was on its way, had arrived.

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Document Description: twenty-five page typewritten document; located in PLT Archive folder “Ed King- Birmingham Funerals”; The publication date of this article (noted above) was handwritten on the original or a photocopy of the article.

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